• A deposit of $200 is due when you schedule your event at Elkton City Hall, which is located at 71 Public Square.
  • If you do not make a deposit and sign the rental agreement, The Milliken Memorial Community House will not be held for you.
  • After your event, a member of the Board of Directors will inspect the premises and your deposit will be returned to you, less any applicable charges for damage done to the facility while it was rented to you, for lost keys, and/or for failure to properly clean the facility. If damages exceed $200, you will be responsible for the difference.  Major destruction of the facility will be prosecuted.
  • You will be held responsible for damage caused by decorators, caterers, or other people hired by you or who are volunteers under your supervision.
  • Deposits for events that are cancelled within 48 hours of their scheduled time will be forfeited.


  • The Milliken Memorial Community House is available for rent on a “per space, per calendar day” basis and an “entire facility, per calendar day” basis in accordance with the rate schedule below.
Community Non-Profit
Ballroom $200 $100
Rotary Room $50 $25
Library $50 $25
Kitchen $50 $25
Auditorium $200 $100
Yard $25 $25
Entire Facility $400 $200
  • If you need to setup for and/or decorate the facility the day before your event, and the facility is available, you may rent it for an additional day without making an additional deposit.
  • To receive the non-profit rate, your organization must either be a registered 501(c) organization, a similar organization, or the event your organization is hosting must be of a charitable nature.

For commercial rates, to inquire about serial rentals, or if you have any other questions, please contact Treasurer Bill Weathers 270-265-1137.


  1. If you find damage upon entering the facility, please call City Hall, or a member of the Board of Directors and leave a message. If you do not report damage that you did not cause, you may be held responsible for it.
  2. Absolutely no tape, tacks, nails, screws, quick tabs, glue, or any other adhesives are to be used on any interior or exterior surface of the facility. There can be no exception to this rule.
  3. Do not take cuttings from any bush, tree, or flower on the facility’s grounds.
  4. You must furnish your own dish towels, dishes, garbage bags, and detergent. You must wipe down all kitchen surfaces before leaving.  You are responsible for removing your own trash.
  5. Do not remove any items from the facility.
  6. Do not move the following items: statue on pedestal of woman, books in the library, pictures or wall art, the secretary desk in the library, any pianos, the kitchen tables, or seats from the auditorium.
  7. In the ballroom, do not push table and chair carts up to the walls when you are finished with them. This will protect the walls from unnecessary scrapes and dents.
  8. Only make use of the portion of the facility that you have rented. The basement is off limits to all renters.
  9. No parking on the lawn.
  10. No destructive, violent, or illegal behavior is allowed. This includes consuming alcohol outside of the building.
  11. No smoking in the building.
  12. No food or drinks are allowed in the auditorium.
  13. All people under age 18 must be chaperoned.
  14. You must clean the rooms used for your event. This includes mopping, vacuuming, and sweeping the floors.
  15. When you leave, all window air conditioners must be turned off. The thermostats should be set to 80 degrees in the summer and 60 degrees in the winter.
  16. Report all damage. Do not attempt to make repairs on your own.
  17. Place tables and chairs in their proper place.
  18. Turn off all lights, lock doors and windows, empty trash and take it with you.
  19. Failure to follow the rules for use and preservation of the facility will result in your forfeiting your right to future use of the building.
  20. Major destruction will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  21. Return the key to City Hall by placing it in the drop box in the lobby of City Hall or in person by 11:00 a.m. on the next day that City Hall is open.


If you would like to rent the Milliken Memorial Community House, you can call Elkton City Hall at 270-265-9877 or email



Download and Print Community House Rental Agreement