In order to rent the Milliken Memorial Community House, you must pay a deposit at Elkton City Hall when you schedule your event. Your full deposit will not be returned if there are damages and you will be accessed for any and all damages made by you and/or your guest(s) during your rental period. Cancellations for deposit refunds must be made before 48 hours of the event.


Rental fees are based on your group/organization designation:

Non-profit: minimal 2 hours for $20; additional hours are $10 each; day rental $100
Family: minimal 2 hours for $40; additional hours are $20 each; day rental $200
Business: minimal 2 hours/$80; additional hours are $40 each; day rental $400


In order to keep the House in pristine condition, it is necessary to enforce the following rules at all times no matter how insignificant any damage maybe.

1. If you find damage upon entering the House, it is your responsibility to notify Elkton City Hall immediately within the hour in order to not be accessed for damage(s). If Elkton City Hall is not available, call any board member listed below and leave a message, if no one is available. You will be held responsible otherwise.

2. Absolutely no tape, tacks, nails, screws, quick tabs, glue of any kind, adhesives, staples, etc. are to be used on any interior or exterior surface of the House or Estate. There are no exceptions to this rule.

3. Do not take cuttings from any bush, tree, flowers, etc. on the Estate.

4. You are to furnish you own dish towels, dishes, garbage bags, and detergent. You must wipe down all kitchen surfaces before leaving. You are responsible for removing your trash.

5. Do not remove any items from the House.

6. Do not move the following items: statue on pedestal of woman, any books from the library, pictures or wall art, the secretary desk in the library, any pianos from any of the rooms, the kitchen tables, or seats from the auditorium.

7. In the ballroom, do not push table and chair carts up to the walls when you are finished with your event. This will protect the walls from scrapes and dents.

8. If you have rented a particular room in the House, only use that room for your event.

9. The rooms are rented for the day of your event only. If you need to decorate for your event the day before, you must check at City Hall for prior rentals. If the prior day is free, you may rent the Milliken Memorial House for the time needed at your hourly rate. Only use this day to decorate, not to have your

10. Return the key to City Hall by placing in drop box at City Hall or by 11:00 a.m. the next business day City Hall is open.

11. No parking on the lawn.

12. You must clean the rooms used for your event: if not, this will result in your deposit not being returned.

13. When leaving the Memorial House, all window air-conditioners must be turned off. In summer, central air should be set at 80 degrees and in the winter, the heat should be left at approximately 60 degrees, this is to protect the interior of the House.

14. All damage while using should be reported: do not attempt to make repairs.

15. Place tables and chairs in their proper place. Mop, vacuum, or sweep floors.

16. Turn off all lights, lock doors and windows, and empty trash.

17. No destructive, violent, or illegal behavior allowed on the Estate.

18. Any persons under 18 must be chaperoned.

19. No smoking allowed in the building and no food or drink in the auditorium.

20. Any questions or needs concerning the use of the Milliken Memorial House, contact:

Arthur Green, President: 270-265-5958 Michael Case: 270-604-1037
Bill Weathers, Treasurer: 270-265-1137 Nadine Ross: 270-265-2493

21. A rental agreement form must be signed and deposit made to reserve the use of the community house.

22. Failure to follow the rules for use of and preservation of the Community House will result in your forfeiting any further use of the building.

23. Major destruction of public property will be prosecuted under the law.


The Deposit for use of the Community House is $125.00 and must be paid for the date to be reserved. The full balance of the rental fee is due on or before the day the key is picked up. Your Deposit of a check or cash will be deposited and held in reserve to use the facility and will be released on our verification that the facility is in good shape after your use. Any damage to building or tables, chairs, etc., will be deducted from your deposit before any refunds are made. If damage exceeds deposit, a bill will be sent to the person listed on this contract. Refunds will be mailed within 2 weeks of use of building.


If you would like to rent the Milliken Memorial Community House, you can call Elkton City Hall at 270-265-9877 or email


Downolad and Print Community House Rental Rules and Agreement